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Your data will only be used for presenting your stats and will not leave your computer. See the Privacy Policy for the details.

Known Issues


the extension icon doesn’t light up

This is usually caused by issues when pulling your data from Google. Reloading the extension (instructions are below) or reinstalling can sometimes solve this. If it doesn’t, send me an email with your logs and I’ll look into it.

data is incorrect or out of date

This is usually caused by caching problems, and can be fixed by flushing the cache.

To do this, visit Google Payments and click the extension icon. Next click the “other” tab, then click “reset cached data”. After a bit of a wait, you should see a correct graph show up.

reloading the extension

This will restart the extension without affecting your cached data. To do this:

viewing your logs

The extension logs all sorts of useful debugging information while running. To check the logs:

If there were errors or warnings, the top right-hand corner will have markings like ❌ and ⚠️ respectively. If you see these, you can use the funnel button in the top-left corner and click “Errors” or “Warnings” to filter them out from everything else.

If you’d like to send me your logs, right click anywhere in the console and click “save as”, then attach the file to an email.